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At, Joligems style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. I look forward to being the reason women like myself look in the mirror and feel like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks; No matter the occasion or location. I strive to make this every women's one stop shop from the clothing down to our beauty hacks!


 Joligems was created for those who love to look good in comfort, yet incredible on your night out. The luxury of versatility has always been a huge factor in fashion for me. I love an outfit I can wear a second time pairing it with something different and making it look brand new. Whether I'm looking forward to a beautiful outing, a casual lunch date with the girls, or that adventurous night out. I've always wanted something to fit the occasion I'm looking forward to. After countless months of  trying to find a place with such broad variations, I gave up and decided to start my own. I prefer fine quality and take pride in that being one of my biggest priorities in growing Joligems.


 I want the concept of giving to be a major part of this brand. Not only do I want to help individuals feel good in their comfort zone of fashion, I want to give the experience of expressing your individuality. Buy from Joligems and know that with every purchase we are providing you with a lifetime of closet essentials. Being a Fashion Brand that supports the comfort of our women, I know that this isn't my brand, this is women of the world today's brand. 10% of all proceeds go to body shaming organizations and sponsoring women who seek help for eating disorder recovery around the world.


 With that being said help us help others, while looking fabulous doing it💓



She who shall never allow her darkest days get the best of her.
She who shall treat herself to that new outfit she's been dying to have because she's more than worthy of it.
She who shall look in the mirror and demand her confidence.
She who shall never forget how precious she is as a woman inside and out.
She who is forever The Most Beautiful Precious Work Of Art she has ever seen once her eyes met her reflection.



 The meaning of the name Joli is: cheerful; pretty. The meaning of Gem of a person is: someone or something is very good, pleasing, or useful (: