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Ambassador Program


We're beyond happy that you've decided to look further into this role as Brand Ambassador for our brand! Below is a rundown on us, the program, and FAQs. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our owner via email.


Joligems seeks to provide high-quality streetwear for women who are fashion-forward and looking to make a statement in the fashion industry. I want our clothing to spark a conversation.

Joligems was created as a way to provide trendy yet quality attire at lower costs. Some people find it inconvenient to take that trip to the mall or extremely pricey for quality clothing. Trust me; I've been there.


Our Brand Ambassador program is fairly straightforward. As an ambassador, we ask that you post twice a month (feed or stories). That's it. No long term commitments or continual purchase requirements! 

Feel free to use any other Instagram account that you have, as well as other social media platforms. The more you post and share your code, the more people will be interested in purchasing through your code, which means you will make more through your 20% commission!


In simple terms, you will be purchasing at a 15% discount using code AMBASSADOR. Once you make your first purchase, you will be signing up for our ambassador dashboard. In that dashboard you will get links and a personal code for 15% off where you can track who uses your code and how much money you have made in commission. 

For example, Amber signs up and is accepted to be an Ambassador. Amber purchases using code AMBASSADOR and signs up for the dashboard. Once Amber receives her clothes, she posts about it on her Instagram story and tells her followers they can get 15% off using her personal code "AMBER15". 

Amber makes a 20% kickback on the revenue generated from her code! Or her choice of free clothing for equal or lesser value💗


  1. The first step is to order the products you'd like to start with from the site -
  2. Purchase an item or items using code "AMBASSADOR" (or any other current promos)
  3. Once you've placed your first order, you'll get access to your Ambassador Dashboard where you can create your code to share with your friends/followers (Here, they can receive 15% off, and you can earn 20% commission from every order through your code). 
  4. You'll be paid your commissions once a month through Paypal.
  1. We'll repost your content and we'll feature you on our page!
Other Benefits: 
  • Receive your own discount code to share with your friends & followers
  • Track how often your code is used at checkout along with your earnings on your ambassador dashboard 
  • Receive FREE clothing of your choice when your code is used
  • Get paid commission from the sales that use your code
  • Feature on our Instagram page and stories 
  • Feature on our website 
  • Access to exclusive ambassador Promotional offers


This will in no way affect your ambassadorship. Once you complete your ambassador application it will immediately link to your order and activate your unique code.

You must read your acceptance email thoroughly. We list step by step what needs to be done for you to get started. (We have also listed steps in numerical order above).

Yes, you have the option to receive free clothing or have your payment disbursed into your PayPal account.

Yes, you may request both for the value you have earned in your Ambassador Dashboard.

Yes, please keep your password to your Ambassador Dashboard/Buzzbassador close. This way, you can always sign in and check to see how much you've earned so far.

Once you complete your purchase and finalize your ambassador position in our Ambassador Dashboard you will receive your referral code (it will be highlighted in black).

You will begin advertising your code immediately after completing your purchase and signing up for the Ambassador Dashboard.

We pay via PayPal on the last Friday of every month. In the dashboard it asks for your email and your payment email.