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Top 4 Fashion Icons that You Should Know About

Posted on August 10 2020

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Fashion, in all sense and aspect, will be forever iconic. Since then, this is clearly a depiction of culture and arts in a wearable form. Becoming a fashion icon is more than presenting gorgeous clothes to the world or slaying the moment. Faces of the fashion realm reached their level of sassy throughout the years because they carry their style with pride. Now, everyone can be a fashion icon that's for sure, yet these stylish individuals are the god-tiers. These fab and chic names are the ones you can hail as foundations of style and fashion.

(Note: The order will start from the bottom to the highest spot – the Joligems ranking. Of course, we want to build some excitement. Now, who's ready? Let's get started!)


Jennie Kim

jennie kim calvin klein fashion icon

She is shining solo! Yes, you read it right, Jennie Kim belongs to our list because she is truly a fashion icon. Ranking for the 10th spot, this trendsetter came from the busy and colourful country of Korea. Well, she gained a lot of recognition ever since her debut due to her charisma and beauty. From reliving some vintage mix matches to perky hair clips, Jennie got it all. And she's not stopping there. This fab Korean idol is also known for wearing branded clothes. By branding, we mean PRADA, GUCCI, CALVIN KLEIN and most especially, CHANEL. She has a lot of outfits from Chanel that made her one of the marque's ambassador. Also, this girl has her own line of smart and fashionable eyewear called Jentle Home, which became really famous globally. Aside from being Korea's IT Girl, Jennie is a member of the Korean girl group, Black Pink. Way to go, girl!

Her Most Iconic Outfit: Classic Channel Pleated Overalls + White Sneakers or Heels

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II Fashion Icon

Long live the Queen! 9th on the list is no other than the Queen of England herself, Queen Elizabeth II. This monarch has been serving the people for so many years now. Yet, she never wore a bad outfit. Come on, where is the lie with this one? She is known for her colourful and classy clothes with not-so-heavy accessories. There is a sense of fluency and consistency within her style that makes her a timeless fashion icon. According to her royal stylist, she is a detailed person that she inspects even the fabrics for her dress. Well, that is totally a factor of a fashion star.

Her Best Fashion Piece: Besides from her monochrome get-up, the famous Lauren Bag remains one of her stylish trademarks.


Rihanna Fashion Icon

When bad girl riri is on the move, there's no way of stopping her. Apart from being a hitmaker in the sound charts, Rihanna is also a great influencer of style and beauty. She has her own line of beauty products and several collaborations with famous fashion brands. You can check out ever fashion website, and she is always included on the top fashion list. The good thing about her style is that it entirely gives the picture of her character. It is fearless and at the same time cool and chic. Also, Rihanna became an inspiration to all kind races since she's an equality advocate. What a diva! No wonder the fashion world hailed her as a fashion icon.  

Her Best Look: All of her Met Gala Attires. She's a total show stopper and of course her famous street styles. A total style slayer!

Coco Channel

Coco Chanel Fashion Icon

A revered style icon, that's the term a lot of fashion groups used to describe Coco Chanel. Besides the fact that she established a great name in the fashion industry, she is a talented singer first. But, when her singing career went down, fashion unexpectedly saved her. For that moment on, the historic moment happened. She presents her style and owns fashion brand - Chanel, not just in French society but also internationally. Chanel became famous for her sophisticated attires and matches. It caused her a lot of riches and made her not just an icon but a legacy as well. The fashion industry is really grateful upon her milestones and contributions. Up to this day, her fashion influence is still strong and became a part of fashion today.

Her Most Iconic Fashion Choice: The CHANEL Suit & the legendary black dress. That will always remain iconic. Period.

Fashion Takeaways from these Icons

You may notice that the listed fashion icons are from different parts of the world with a different culture. Yet, all of them was able to express themselves through fashion. They have inspired a lot of people with their style. So, you better take note of the following as these can be your keys to being the next fashion icon:

  • Every day is a good day to show your fashion style wherever you are.
  • Let your fashion style show your character.
  • Doing mix and match is an exciting way to discover your style.
  • Fashion is an excellent way to reach your dreams.

These are just some of the lessons you can learn from these lovely women. Regardless of their age, they were able to show their beauty and uniqueness. This is what Joligems stands for,  help you express yourself, stand out, and thrive, no matter where your "island" lies-- from the inner city to sand, and everywhere in between.

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