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Things that Make You Love and Hate Fashion

Posted on July 23 2020

things that make you love and hate fashion


Do you still remember the days when you were flipping the glossy pages of our mother’s fashion magazines? Seeing these beautiful models wear clothes truly did bring excitement to us. Did you also dream of being able to wear the clothes that you have been seeing on the pages? Maybe that was also the day you started having an idea of what kind of style you like. It was the day when your style started evolving. Through the years you may have come across numerous fashion trends; some you loved, some you hated, and some remained your favorite until today. Time indeed tells so much. Time did tell a lot of the things that make you love and hate fashion. Like anything in this world, fashion is constantly changing and not all trends are everyone's cup of tea.

Fashion is an expression of oneself. It is the clothes you wear and just like people, fashion does come and go. Just like people, there are things that make you love and hate fashion. But we can not deny the fact that fashion has always brought excitement to our lives. It led us to explore who we truly are and it became the language that we wear to say something without needing to speak. It also makes us feel good in so many ways. It makes us feel good even just from purchasing something to wear for ourselves. Isn’t such a pleasant feeling to finally purchase the leather purse that you have been eyeing on for months now? It gets even more exciting when you get to finally use it and enjoy mixing and matching it with other pieces you have inside your closet. 

Why is Fashion a thing?

Many live for fashion, it is natural for us to like it because it’s also a medium to express and it is natural for humans to express. It can also be the way to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe, you are the type who likes to be dressed to the nines in order to feel productive for the day. It can be something useful in so many ways. Perhaps you are someone who values comfort more than being fashionable or someone who likes to get the best of both worlds of fashion and comfort all at once. It will always be up to you! 

Truly fashion is such a concept that is exciting to talk about and to think about. It is just as wonderful as talking about your favorite restaurant and your favorite food items to order from there. Just as exciting as thinking about your favorite chocolate moist cake by your aunt’s. But not all parts of fashion can be glorious. Sometimes there are just things that make you hate it and love fashion at the same time. Yes, it can be a love-hate relationship too, you know. 

 Let’s talk about the things that make you love and hate fashion. Shall we? 

 I love fashion but It is confusing...sometimes. 

 Let’s face it, when there is a new trend, sometimes it looks confusing to us, and sometimes it leads us from wonder. In this modern era, fashion has been almost worshiped. There are times some fashion trends do not make any sense yet we still love it. For instance, the crop top sweaters. Sweaters are for cold weathers and crop tops are for hot weathers. Now, maybe you will wonder what is the right time to wear crop top sweaters. It’s confusing isn't but we still love it because this certain piece is comfortable to wear and easy to style. Besides, it is an extremely versatile piece that can be worn day or night, with jeans, a skirt, or with a pair of shorts. 

 Prettiest pieces can sometimes be (too) expensive. 

It is true too that it’s not always about the price of a fashion piece but sometimes that is not the case, dear. Sometimes even non-designer brands can be pricey. But know that it is priced that way for a reason. Maybe that high-priced black dress that you saw at the small boutique was handcrafted and sewn to perfection. 

 tip: If a piece is something that you see yourself wearing for a long time, it is okay to invest it in it because it can be worn for a long time. It is also good to know the fabric used. A piece of high-quality fabric is good in the long run. A good piece is definitely a good addition to your wardrobe and worth every penny. 

 It is in your size but not quite…

Have you found yourself finally getting the best looking and best quality black jeans that you have been wanting for ages yet you are struggling to find the perfect size for yourself? Sometimes it can be too loose or sometimes it is just too long or still tight even if you got it in your size, (don’t worry you did not gain some weight). As the fashion world evolves, companies have developed their own sizing system as well. Unlike decades ago, companies only had one sizing system. However, you will still purchase the pair of jeans because you can always bring it to the clothing repair shop. You love it, you hate it then you will love it again!

 tip: When shopping online make sure you follow the size chart to prevent getting the wrong size of clothing pieces. It will also be helpful to read reviews and hear people’s opinions regarding the sizes. 

There is so much to choose from but it’s fun!

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming from the amount of items to choose from. Even just simply choosing a white plain t-shirt can be overwhelming because there are so many brands to choose from. But truly, we do not mind it at all because of the excitement it gives to us whenever we walk down the aisle full of white similar looking shirts. It feels like hunting for a treasure once you are looking for the “one” perfect item.

 tip: When putting in a fashion situation like this, it is best to consider the type of materials used in a piece. It will help you to easily determine which piece you really want to get. 

It is normal to have things that make you love and hate fashion because it will always be part of our lives. It will always be part of our lives even if we do not talk about it, we will see it with our eyes. Age, gender, skin color, height, or social status does not matter when it comes to fashion. It is a boundless place where anyone can express.


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“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” - Miuccia Prada