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Styling 101: The Best Outfits to Wear With Heels

Posted on January 02 2021

Styling 101: The Best Outfits to Wear With Heels

One thing good about fashion is that is it has many ways to improve one's style. If you are worried about how your arms look, there are lantern sleeves tops to give you a nice silhouette. Or, you could just wear a chic blazer. Meanwhile, if you want to look slimmer, choose dark-colored garments to give an illusion of your shape. And for those who wanted to look taller, you could always wear high waist bottoms or, to make easier – heels.

It is for a fashion fact that heels are a God-sent gift for all ladies out there. This particular type of shoe wear gives you a certain height that one can totally enjoy. Wearing heels also radiates power as if they are hidden through those pointy pieces.  Once you walk with heels and hear its click-clack, you can already sense the fashion authority within. Thus, it also boosts the confidence of each person wearing it.

However, a lot of people are still debating on what would be the perfect outfits to match with heels. Well, honestly, love it is not that hard – all you need is the perfect guide! Happily, Joligems brings you another good read for your today's fashion concern. Introducing the style guide featuring heels and outfits by Joligems. So, let's get started.

So, how to style an outfit with heels? First, consider these following styling factors.


The initial step of styling yourself with heels is knowing what type of heels will you be wearing. There's a lot like – kitten heels, pumps, stilettos, wedges and more. If you already decided on what heel-type you will be wearing, then it would be easier for you to dress up.


Since ladies are crazily addicted to the concept of wearing heels, they tend to be too giddy at times. And at some point, even though the shoe-size does not match their actual sizes, they will still buy it for the sake of fashion and style—most women and willing to sacrifice their comfort. We could not blame them for wanting to be modish in their own ways. However, as much as possible, try not to be too fearless, especially if you're wearing high-heels. Fitted or loose heels can give you discomfort in the longer run.


Yes, the color of the heels that you'll be wearing also matters. It is also important that the hue of your shoes is popping and, at the same time, balances your look. Know what schemes are effective for the clothes you have on your wardrobe. Just to give you a tip, if you are really planning on wearing heels - make sure it got shades of:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Nude

The mentioned colors are the safest tints that you can pair with other clothing pieces, especially the nude shades.


Whether it is strapless or not, your heels' style also plays an important role in the totality of your look. Each kind has its own sense of character and design. So, it also mirrors the outfit you will be wearing.


Your walk is also a styling aspect that you should watch for. If you want to have an amazing heels time, then you must walk the talk. It is not enough that you have a total fab outfit, but you need to slay your walk as well.  Thus, wear your heels with pure confidence and let them know your fashion power!

After knowing all the necessary fashion features, time for some styling ideas that you can do while wearing heels. The following fashion suggestions are a mixture of cute, sexy, and simple styles for you to have numerous options.


  • The Goddess Style

The mixture of darkness and light in one gorgeous outfit. Personally, we love this style, especially if this will be worn on beach weddings or formal events during the summer season.

The Mix-Match | Black Maxi Dress + Gold Bangles + White Purse Bag



BEST HEELS - Black or White Ankle Strap Heels or a Pair of High Heel Sandals

Get the Style: A lovely black sleeveless and backless maxi dress? Oh, yes! This fab and sexy fit will be surely standout, particularly when you wear it with ankle strapped heels. You will like an evil yet extremely chic goddess that will surely slay the moment. It will highlight your arms and, of course, your bareback. Not to mention the mid-length peaky-peek slit that will complete the look.

  • The Fashion Babe Look

The Mix-Match | White Bandeau Top with Spaghetti Strapping + Black and White Polka Designed Scarf + Cat-Eyed Style Shades + White Bell Bottom Pants + Brown Leather Bag




Get the Style: Style yourself like a Vintage New Yorker. Achieve it with this mix-match paired with cool pair of stilettos heels!

  • The DIVA Look

Grab on your inner chicness with this fashion combo!

The Mix-Match | White Suede Body Suit + Skinny Jeans + Silver Wrist Watch



BEST HEELS: Printed Design Kitten Heels or Nude Platform Heels

Get the Style: As we said earlier, nude colored heels are match-able with any garment and pieces. Trust us, getting this DIVA LOOK is an easy-peasy job for you! You can even wear this to work or business meetings.

It is for the fact that fashion allows us to branch out and discover our own style. This includes our footwear, such as heels. It is only essential that such lovely fashion pieces are worn with pride and matched with other great accessories. So, I hope these matches gave some good styling ideas that you can use with your outfits!

Be proud, grab your heels, and walk your fashion way to the top!

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