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How to Style a Sleeveless Top

Posted on September 14 2020

How to Style a Sleeveless Top


In the whirl-winding realm of fashion, weather plays an important factor. Despite the idea that fashion has no boundaries at all, what you wear still depends on the season. So, you need to know what kind of pieces are suitable for each type of climate. Yet, some people still wanted to pull on a seasonal garment like a sleeveless top. Well, there's no problem with that because styling is all about how you will carry the outfit. To help you more about this concern, we create a guide for you. In this lovely blog, we're going to discuss stylish and handy ways of styling a sleeveless top in every season possible! Discover and get amazing fashionable ideas provided by Joligems.  After all, figuring out what to wear to have a fashion moment shouldn't be a bore. So, let's get this thing started!

Major Ways of Slaying your Fashion Moment through Sleeveless Top – Joligems Fashion Advice:

(The listed tips are according to season.)

For the cold and chilly season of winter

Well, let's admit that sometimes - even in fashion - things are not always fair. During winters, almost 50 percent of your wardrobe does nothing but jog your memory of the summer season. The time of total warmness and happy-happy seems to be so far away. You need to wait for three months out before having a showing of your arms or skin once again. But, the good thing about style is that you are capable of doing experiments and all. Listed below are some mix-matches that you can apply with your sleeveless top during a drop-dead temperature.

Match No. 1


Satin Babe Top

Release your inner doll vibe!

Look vintage and classy at the same time with this cute match. This mix-match is a timeless combination because it's a trend way back 70's to 90's. It balances each piece while giving off the coziness needed from the cold weather.  Imagine strolling along the park with falling snow in this stylish fit – a winter fashion person!

Event/s to wear it: Casual Strolls in the Park, Winter Dates or Gatherings during the Holidays

Match No. 2

  • Sleeveless Crop Top
  • High Waist Pants
  • Knee-High Boots
  • Denim Jacket or an Oversized Coat
  • Gloves + Cute Purse

Sleeveless Crop Top

Go for something simple!

So, if you only wanted to have a simple yet chic look, then this is the match for you. The pieces of this fashion and styling combo are not hard to match with schemes and patterns, unlike the previous match. This is more of a fun and free way of wearing a sleeveless top throughout the winter period.

Events to wear it: Movie Dates with Friends, Parties, and Birthday Celebration – you can even suggest this pairing to your friends and fashion family!

For the windy season of autumn

Going for a lesser frosty weather – AUTUMN. Just like falling leaves, ideas on what to wear during the fall are also tumbling and falling.  Well, it's really hard to choose among pieces, especially this time of the year is a little tricky. Thus, autumn outfits require quite a bit of planning and organizing. You will surely start on a coat or no coat debate. Or, how many layers to wear and still be stylish. Things like and before you know it fall is already knocking on your door. So, if you're in a fashion panic – Joligems is willing to give you a dose of fashion and style medicine. We also came up with a mix and match version for the autumn season. Now, all you need to do is to enjoy and take a good note on it.

Match No. 1

  • Tank Top
  • A Bomber Jacket
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Sneakers or Heels
  • Bucket or Beret Hat
  • Cute Sling Bag


Leopard Bomber Jacket

Be an Autumn Babe with this look!

This match is a sexy-cute team-up since having prints and patterns on an outfit is really a brave choice. Besides the fact that it is hard to pair with other garments and pieces, it should be complemented with the person wearing. That's why styling it with a solid piece like a tank top is a nice move. Plain wear can set poise on the patterns and design without sacrificing the actual style. If you want to have an amazing fall street style, then this matches it for you to style and wear.

Event/s to wear it: Any occasion will do!

Match No. 2

  • Crop Top
  • High Waist Trousers
  • Oversized Blazer or Regular Blazer
  • Heels or Ballet Pumps
  • Tote Bag

Achieve a modern casual fall look!

It is for the fact that there's nothing easier to wear than a checked blazer thrown on sleeveless top. Not to mention pairing it with over straight-leg jeans or nice trousers. All that during the breezy time of fall! This match is a complete stunner because it is very casual and elegant to look at. Also, a TOTE BAG with ballet pumps or heels? Very off-the-cuff!

Event/s to wear it: Any Occasion will also do!

For the sunny and bright season of summer and spring

Well, save the best for last! These seasons are those periods of the year wherein a lot of people are enjoying the brisk of the outdoors. Thus, most fashion sense and styles are all about showing off some skin like wearing a sleeveless top. Check out these combinations to style with a sleeveless top that is super fashionable.

Match No. 1: (The Summer Style Combo)

  • Tube Top
  • Denim Shorts or Maxi Skirt or Culottes
  • Flats or Slip-On or Sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Oversized Bandana (for a cold breeze from the beachside)
  • Oversized Hoop Earrings or simple accessories
  • Sling Bag or Tote Bag


Tube Top

It's time for some bohemian style! 

This match is perfect for a vacation getaway get-up! It can highlight your lovely features as you style this styling tip. Surely, this combination will result in a nice guise on IG photos. Don't forget to put sunscreen on and make sure to enjoy it.

Event/s to wear it: Any Summer Related Occasions – Beach Parties, Weddings, Etc.


Match No. 2 (The Spring Style Combo)

The key to having the best stylish spring outfit is to start with the basics. We mean, you can still have your sleeveless moment despite the cold-warm weather of spring season. So, if you have a solid closet full of essentials and consider the below match, you'll be great.

  • Lav Fitted Top
  • Light Weight Jacket, Thin Blazer or Cardigan (Colour – White or Pastel Purple)
  • Denim Jeans or White Fitted Skirt
  • Sneakers or Pumps
  • Mini Hand Bag


Lav Top

Style with such bloom and freshness!

One word to describe this match – Fresh. The pieces and items of this style are a good combination, especially if you're in a hurry. You can slay this outfit without putting too many accessories. The top, skirt, and shoes alone can be a totally stylish look for the springtime.

Event/s to wear it: Any Occasion.

So, have a fun reading? We hope you have gained a lot of fashion inspiration because of this read. Style your sleeveless top in every season of the year!

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