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Everything You Need to Know About 2020’s Fashion Trend

Posted on July 08 2020

fashion trends 2020


2020’s Fashion is all about the arrangement of vintage and modern taste. This year’s trends are great in which you can do some mishmash that will result in an entirely fashionable look. Now, check out the list below of some cool outfit ideas per season that you can choose from. 


love for the sun

Summer/Spring fashion of 2020 is all about picking desirable pieces that you can slay both on the streets and the runway. The look of this hot season is all about combining elegance and comfort within fabrics and accessories. Also, this year’s pick includes playing styles through vibrant hues and shades. So, trust us; it’s not that hard to pair it up with these lovely and endearing fashion inspirations. 

  • Blooming blossom tops 

This fashion piece has been topping off the charts since the 80’s and 90’s. It features a drawstring ruching bottom with quirky balloon sleeves. Reliving this one is a good choice especially for people who want to feel classy and carefree at the same time. Pair this blossom top with high-waist pants like our sexy slim stretchy flare jeans. However, you can also pull off a great look with our faux leather mini skirt. Finish it through wearing some killer heels to make an outstanding look. 

Best time of wearing: Nighttime 

  • Fab cropped top and timeless bra-top 

Just like blossom tops, bra-tops and cropped tops already made statements in the fashion history. Today’s trend makes these charming pieces more natural. So, if you want to kill some looks with these fashion items in summer then you need to be creative. When it comes to bra-tops, you need to combine it with something bold and solid. An oversized blazer will totally rock the overall look with bell-bottom pants and a bucket hat as an accessory. But, if you want to play it safe, wearing a cropped top is also a good option. Our site got a collection of aesthetic and amazing cropped tops that you will surely like. You can try our chic tie-dye cropped top with an elevated pair of denim pants. Bright fashion choice for a bright season! 

Best time of wearing: Daytime 

  • Puffy puff sleeves craze 

Thinking if wearing puff-sleeved items is already last season? Well, then good news for you because it’s still part of this year’s trend! This is an exceptional piece that can give out a doll-like look. Whether it’s a puff sleeve dress or top, your summer and spring look will be great. Take this for an instance; our sweet floral summer dress is a totally lovely pick with its cute puff sleeves. Check it out on our site! 

  • Iconic sports shorts 

Of course, the season of summer and spring won’t be complete without the appearance of shorts. This year’s trend is the leisure of sweat shorts. This kind of shorts is really comfy with its breathable fabric. Joligems, our company, got this iconic cute pair of shorts that you can pick. We call them chilling shorts. Imagine how cute you look upon wearing it! Also, we also offer high-waist lace bottom shorts that are also part of the summer fashion craze. These fashionable shorts are amazing on both indoor and outdoor use. 

Best time of wearing: Anytime 


love for the breeze

Just like the summer and spring season, the breezy trend of winter and fall fashion is about hues and patterns. Be stylish while feeling the coolness of the season of these great fashion ideas.

  • Chic and tweed 

For some people, wearing something tweed will make you a total granny. Yet this season change this perspective and make tweed fabric clothes fun to wear. Mix those tweeds with basic clothing from your wardrobe like a simple T-shirt. Also, you can style them with jeans and classic sneakers. This is a basic yet chic choice for this year’s fall and winter season. 

Best time of wearing: Daytime 

  • Patterns, style and everything nice 

Animal print (particularly Tiger or Leopard Print) is one of the top designer’s patterns choice in which you can pair with other fashion pieces. This might be an unusual kind of fashion pick but this can bring out a wild yet sophisticated guise. For example, pair off our leopard print bomber jacket with a solid black turtle neck top and high-waist skinny jeans. Or, you can try something fiercer like our leopard lace-up then pair it with denim pants and a solid cape. This look will make the pattern livelier and more appealing without overpowering the rest of the worn pieces. Slay your fall fashion with this one! 

Best time of wearing: Anytime

  • Vibrant Maxi Coats 

Brighten up even the coldest days by wearing sunshiny maxis. Try styling your winter and fall season with bright hues like red or yellow. Yellow is a vibrant shade and a total head-turner color. Compliment this color with nice tones like our ruched bodycon dress and pointy heels. Wear it with full confidence as if you’re walking in a fashion runway. 

Best time of wearing: Daytime 

  • High Boots 

Am extra height will make you look really chic and posh when wearing high boots. This fall, choosing these pair of shoes will help you step-up your fashion sense. Pair your shoes with short skirts, dresses, or long sweaters. We suggest, choose our white polka top and pair off with a nice mini skirt and faux fur coat. 

Note: new season means new ideas. Don’t wear jeans with high boots! That would be totally out of the fashion radar so try to experiment those high boots with other fashion pieces. 

Best time of wearing: Nighttime 

  • Check for checkered 

The checkered print is a forever iconic pattern in fashion. It simply means this design and fabric will never go out of style. However, this year is slightly different. This fall and winter fashion adds some experiment upon wearing this stylish print. Today, you can only dress one piece of checkered wear at a time. For example, if you’re wearing a checkered print skirt, pair it with Joligems’ hollow top and not another checkered top. Also, you can wear a natural tone jacket or coat with a classy checkered dress and a fine beret hat. 

Best time of wearing: Anytime 

There are still many to mention fashion inspiration for this year yet these top picks are the golden standards. Now, may these fashion ideas help you enjoy 2020 with style. If you’re looking for fashionable fabrics and accessories, feel free to visit our site