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Different Types of Dresses and Where to Wear Them

Posted on August 20 2020

Different Types of Dresses


Let's be honest that besides diamonds, clothes, particularly dresses, are ladies' best pals. These lovely fabric-made items are fun to wear and surely handy. Wearing a dress simply releases the girl's power and aura on each woman having it. So, no matter what your shape, style, or age is, there is a bunch of amazing dress options waiting for you. Looking for the best dress to fit you is not as hard as you think. Check these top dress types and where (or when) to wear them:


  • Body-con Dress

The dress with the total flattery on beautiful curves! It is a tight-fitting kind of dress that hugs your figure perfectly. Body-con dresses also highlight the assets of the one wearing it. This dress is supreme for those with an hourglass figure. Luckily, here in Joligems, we offer body-con dresses with awesome styles and quality fabrics. Tap on to this link to find out more:



WHERE TO WEAR IT BEST: Club hopping or hang out with friends. Pair with high heels and bold accessories like mini handbags and glittering earrings. Slay it!

  • Midi Dress

The combination of a maxi and a mini dress. This style can have any neckline or sleeve length, so it's great for any body shape. Midi is the crowd's favorite that surely styles you up during times when you're uncertain of the formality of an event. Its look is a mixture of modern and classic sense. That's why a lot of ladies are wearing it. If you're looking for stylish midi dresses, then check out this floral midi dress by Joligems:

Sweet Floral Summer Dress

 WHERE TO WEAR IT BEST: Lovely picnic dates or a casual stroll in the park. Pair with ankle boots, pair of flats, or simple sandals. Finish the look with a straw or beret hat and cute accessories.

  • Denim Dress

If you feel like you're in the mood for some chic style, then slip on to a cute denim dress! Just as the name recommends: this type of dress is made of denim fabric. A denim dress usually comes in an extensive style range, particularly with long sleeves. For some styles, there is a denim outfit dressed with button-down fronts or a simple overall with pockets. Styling this with the casual-cool vibe is natural, modish, and seemly for many occasions. Want to slay your day through wearing a cool denim dress? Then, click on to this link:


WHERE TO WEAR IT BEST: Mall shopping during weekends or countryside outings. Pair it with boots or booties depending on the length of the dress. Top it with a solid colored bag and minimal accessories.

  • Tube Dress

Be an eye-candy through wearing a girly tube dress! If you're ready to make an entrance while making an impact, show off your assets with this dress type! It is body-hugging and strapless. This dress is the perfect style for achieving a sexy and seductive look, without compromising on keeping yourself casual. Great for all body types. Tube dresses are a form-fitting silhouette that will surely amplify your best features! So, be fearless in style, wear a tube dress today. Joligems has a variety of dresses, including a tube dress. We even got cute designs! Click on the link below:

Tie Dye Tube Dress


WHERE TO WEAR IT BEST: Definitely, summer nights or movie dates! If it's a maxi tube dress, wear killer heels and finish it with a nice neck accessory like a choker. However, if it's a mini tube dress, you can experiment and wear something jumpy like white sneakers. Be confident!

Other types of dresses:

  • Modern Sheath Dress
  • Vintage Smock Dress
  • Classy High-Low Dress
  • Preppy Peplum Dress
  • Sweater Dress
  • Cute Tea Length Dress
  • Retro Pinafore Dress
  • Puffy Bell-Sleeve Dress
  • Sassy Blazer Dress
  • Halter Dress
  • Wrap Dress

In addition, here are some fashion tips to help you more ongoing for the best dress to wear! We call it the Joligems Dress Alerts. It is not enough that you only knew your preferred dress and where to actually wear them. Trust us; this list is a reliable guide.

Fashion Alert 1: Know Your Waist Line. Yep, the measurement of your waist matters upon deciding on the most suitable dress for you.

To determine your waistline, listed below are some waistline arrays to consider:

The A-line: Dresses with A-line range are close-fitting to your waist and then flare out slowly to the hem. This can be really flattering for most body types.

The Drop Waist: It will definitely shine in a mini length type of dress in a slightly modernized look. The style that charms are roaring 20's and flapper dresses.

The Empire Waist: This one is similar to the A-line style. Its flair is another winner for any kind or shape of the body.


Fashion Alert 2: Know Your Length. Your height also affects the look of a dress in you. Though, it's your own style – knowing your length is essential. This is to slay your dress moment surely.

Maxi Length: Floor-length dresses? A big yes! This is totally an awesome pick if you're about to wear a dress. It can highlight not just your shape but also your style. Also, maxi length dresses are very comfortable to wear – trust us!

Knee Length: If you want to have a sexy yet not so sexy look, then this is the length of the dress for you. Knee-length dresses are safe to work and balances your body features as you wear them. Ensure that upon wearing this length of the dress, you can balance your slimness and silhouette. If you want to emphasize some of your features while wearing a dress well, this is your best choice! (Pair it with a pair of pointy killer heels for a head-turning result.)

Short Length or Mini Stretch: Are you bold and confident enough? Then, this length is a must-try! It may be a little flirty wearing this stretch, but this can surely give you a twinkling fashion moment. Wearing this one can elongate your legs and boost your adventurous self. The key to wearing this kind of stretch is most probably comfortable wearing one. You're not going to wear a mini dress then hide somewhere, don't you? So, go for it! Show off some height with a nice mini length dress!

So, have a fun reading? Well, I hope that this fashion guide by Joligems became a helpful one. If yes, then what are you waiting for? Wear a dress today and wear it with great fashion pride!

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