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Different Tops a Woman Needs

Posted on September 04 2020

Different Tops for Women


There’s this saying that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Well, that is a hundred percent true. However, at some point in every woman’s life, they will look for ways to enhance and level up their looks. After all, people are all striving towards flawlessness and extreme self-love more than ever. Luckily, the fashion industry is always present to give people a helping hand with style. It includes numerous ways for a woman to feel better about herself. With this, we are here to give you a lovely read about different tops a woman needs (definitely a must-read! 

The Joligems’ Ultimate Fashion Guide – Tops Edition

Since we’re tackling about boosting self-esteem and all, wearing fashionable tops is a great step to start with. You can feel sexy, cute, or whatever vibe you desire through the modish touch of tops. All you need to do is to know the right moment to wear it. But first, you should have enough knowledge about the varieties of tops and tees. Yes, a top is not just plain top! Surprisingly, there are plenty of kinds of tops you can select from. 

So, how many actual types of tops do you know and wear? As mentioned above, when it comes to tops for women, there are many preferences to cherry-pick from. Each top type has its own distinctive feature that you can notice and love. Also, by learning its classification, you can do your styling better. Basically, not all tops are the same, which means that the look on the one wearing will also be different. For some, some tops look blunt, yet for others, this top type is a chair turner. So, choose the right flair and style of women’s tops to highlight your positives. Don’t forget to slay, girl! As much as possible, avoid drawing attention from your less flattering areas. There are diverse sorts of amazing tops out there waiting for you! Now, let’s get started. 

The Fashionable and Stylish Types of Must-Have Women’s Top:

Struggling upon finding the best top for you? Don’t worry because your fashion prayers have been answered! This list of top types includes items from Joligems collection of tees and tops that you will surely adore. They are irresistible!  


  1. Classic Comfy Blouse Top

Dress in tasteful comfort. Through the years, everyone wants to dress at ease. It became a factor upon wearing clothes and matching them in style as possible. Thus, it makes wearing blouses the most required outfit top type among women. In general, a blouse top comes with collars and the most flexible fashion clothing as well. Yet, some might consider it too comfortable to have to make it a boring fashion piece. Well, it depends on how you style it. Blouses are not for a specific age range only. Everyone can have it and wear it! Consider styling it with skinny jeans or plain miniskirts paired with some pointy shoes. Channel your inner vintage lady guise upon wearing a lovely top like a classy blouse. 

Check out this Blouse Women’s Top with Polka Dots Design from Joligems | 


Polka Top


  1. Chic Cropped Top

Dress in a modern and trendy vibe. From classic wear to a modern one, a cropped top is a total up-to-the-minute piece to have on your wardrobe. It is a type of women’s top that has been crushing ladies’ stylish dreams for a few fashion seasons now. No kidding, crop tops are a crowd’s favorite. Ladies who wanted to be a little adventurous prefer this kind of wear. So, if you have a well-toned body, then nothing can beat a cropped top to match and compliment you. Also, it has a charming yet sweet sense that a lot of people seriously crazy about. Now, if you are a major crop top fan, our best advice is to pair it with skirts or high-waist jeans. You can do experiments as well - wear it on top of a dress or match it with an oversized coat. There is only a zero chance of crop tops that doesn’t look great with those mentioned bottom pieces. Try it today! 

Check out this Cropped Women’s Top with Tie Dye Design from Joligems 


Chic Tie Dye Crop Top


  1. Cute Off-Shoulder Top

Dress light to feel nice. Like bouncy ruffles, an off-shoulder top has taken the fashion world by a whirling hurricane. It is one of the custom trends that remains sensational within different seasons, particularly the bright, perky feels of summer. You what they say, if it’s not off-shoulder, then it’s not stylish at all. Fortunately, styling an off-shoulder top is easy, particularly with a straight and flared jeans. A lot of style influencers do it! Or, team it up with a cute pair of shorts and a fitted denim skirt.

Check out this Off Shoulder Top Women’s Top with Full Sleeves in Southern Design from Joligems 


Southern Comfort Top



  1. Fun and Daring Tube Top

Dress and style without fear. Be fashionable and brave by wearing a tube top! Fab tube tops can be worn best with nice pants or skirt for usual events of parties or friendly hangouts. You can do a lot of awesome things to mix-match it like layering it with cool coats and more. A tube top gives a definite shape to the body. If you want to flaunt your figure and body shape, besides a crop top, this can also work. Tube tops are more like spaghettis but come with straps and hugs the body tightly. 

Check out this Tube Women’s Top with a Plain or an Aesthetic Patterned Design from Joligems |


Tube Top

  1. Modish Tie-Front Top

Dress comfortably in style. Just like a blouse top, a modish tie-front top is also super comfortable to wear. It is a kind of women’s top with a knot tied design at the front - giving a distinct shape and look. Most women consider tie-front tops as a part of their casual style since it’s generally worn loosely. The best way to style it is by partnering it with a nice pair of shorts. It’s the right time to show and substitute those jeans of yours for this top type. 

Check out this Knots Women’s Top with a Plain Design from Joligems |



Other types of Women’s Top you might want to take a glimpse as well: 

- Halter Tops 

- Kaftan Tops 

- Tunic Tops 

- Empire Tops 

- Ruffled Tops 

- Peplum Tops 

- Wrap Tops 

- Belted Tops 

- Peasant Tops 

- Tank Tops 

Today, what you wear became an extension of who you are. Choosing the best fashion pieces like women’s tops is a way of expressing yourself through nice clothing. Thus, wear your best outfit to feel really good about yourself! 

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