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10 Common Misconceptions about Fashion

Posted on July 17 2020

common misconceptions in fashion

Fashion is a very general topic. It is about the way you style yourself or others in different ways. It comes in the way of wearing and pairing clothes and footwear, matching accessories, and make-up. However, there are beliefs that there is a proper way to do fashion. Thus, the existence of 10 common misconceptions about fashion.

With research, Bright Side and Her World claims the existence of some fashion myths. This prohibits you from dressing up into the best outfit that suits your body. With several insecurities that people have, they want to look like the best in photos. But do you know what suits your body best?

Fashion Myths

Are you one of those people who believe in some of the Fashion Myths? Well, here are 10 Common Misconceptions about fashion that some of you might be believing.

  • Black is slimming

The color black does not always make you slimmer in photos. Sometimes, you have to match it with the proper posture and the right cloth. When your dress has different accents on the parts where your flaws are, it would most likely catch attention. It is more noticed by people due to the change in accent, making the outfit less stunning to look at.

  •  Light-colored clothes are fattening

Opposite to the previous myth, this claim that light-colored clothes make your body look bigger. But, like the previous one, it does not. It must have the perfect cut for your body to avoid that effect. If paired with proper accessories, light-colored clothes can grasp the shape of your body, which shows it off.

  • Prints on prints is a bad pairing

Prints on prints may not always work for everybody. But, it does not make you less fashionable to try and pair it. It can be effective most times, especially when the prints have something similar. Different sizes of the print could also help make the outfit work. If effective, it will bring out the edginess and high fashion look.

  • Horizontal lines do not flatter your curves

Are you one of those people who avoided looking bigger by wearing clothes with horizontal lines? You don't have to avoid them now. Horizontal lines do not always make you look bigger. It must be the right size to help make you thinner and even longer.

  • Gold and Silver accessories do not match

It is hard when people buy or give you accessories that do not match in color. But it should not be a problem. You can wear gold and silver together as long as it suits the style you were going for. It shows your ability to play with different fashion styles.

  • Pink is for kids

Wearing pink does not always mean you're a kid, or you're feeling like one. With different shades of pink, you can try and match the shade with your skin tone or accessories you will use.

  • Oversized is always nice

Oversized clothes are very comfortable to wear. It enables you to feel at home while being fashionable outside. But it does not always look nice at everyone. It needs a proper pairing for your top and bottom to match in style. For small girls, they should try and wear only a single piece of oversized cloth to avoid looking small and bigger.

  • Black and Navy Blue is not cool

Black and Navy Blue are both dark colors and are sometimes confusing to look at. They look so similar that when someone is far away, it will seem to be like the same color. This reason makes it one of the fashion myths. People believed that the combination of the two colors is not pleasant to look at. What some people don't know, the combination can help make the person wearing it look classy.

  • Socks and sandals are no match

Sandals are open and are usually showing off your foot. With socks, it defeats the purpose and covers the foot. But it is still a great pair. Also, it can be fashionable when partnered with the right top and bottoms.

  • Sparkling clothes are only for the dark

Some people think that sparkling fashion items or accents are only worn during the night. They think that glitter or sequins are both best worn at night for it to show its glimmer. But, it is possible to wear it during the day with a proper pairing. It may seem too elegant for the day, but with casual pairing and accessories, it can look fashionable.

Factors affecting your style                                     

  • Skin tone

Your skin tone can affect how your body accepts the clothing you wear. The color of your clothes may not be suitable for your skin type. But this only makes you discover more about yourself.

  • Body type

If you want to look voluptuous, you have to pick the clothes that would make you look one. You must not base your clothes on the fashion myths and believe what does not suit you. Instead, you must put up an effort and learn to try it on before you judge.

  • Posture

When you want to look fashionable for your OOTDs, you can practice a better posture. It can help you achieve your desired look. If you want to look taller or slimmer, then the photo angle and your body position is the key.


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Create your style

These 10 common misconceptions about fashion are only a few of the many. If you are one of those people who believe that these are true, then you can try again. It would help if you learned to discover more about yourself and your body. Create your style and look into what works for you and what does not. Remember that some of the myths would not suit your body because of other different factors.

Fashion risks are scary but can be worth it. It lets you see what you're scared of, and it can surprise you in more ways than one. With Joligems, we can help you become more informed as we keep you updated on fashion discoveries.